Christine's magic Bowen treatment was instrumental in getting me through the London Marathon.

As an inexperienced runner, I began to suffer from an extremely painful right knee when training and pounding the pavements of London.

I went to see Christine five weeks before the big day and she could immediately tell that the source of the problem was a slightly twisted pelvis which was resulting in the knee pain. I received three Bowen treatments from Christine and was able to straighten up and run the 26.2 miles.

The treatment room is lovely and calm and treatment itself is very easy and relaxing. I did ache for a few days after each treatment, proving that her slight touches and gentle movements were having a huge impact on my strained joints. I was given a clear set of instructions to follow (drink lots of water and stay mobile) and the process was incredibly safe and effective.

Christine helped me enormously and I would recommend her services to anyone, especially those with running injuries.

Tamla Anderson

mid 30s, marathon runner

I haven't told any of my friends that I'm coming to you for Bowen treatment but they have all noticed a change in me and several have said that I seem to have a new enthusiasm for life. It's my little secret!


84 year old woman

I am truly amazed by the results of the BOWEN treatment you gave me Christine! Seriously.....I don't know how or why but......pain free! THANK YOU

Mandi Martin

mid 40s, hip pain

Thank you for such an amazing body work. I was recommended to have Bowen after a Reflective Repatterning treatment I have done and all I can say is your hands are Gold! I felt I was able to focus on my goals and Bowen has given me a hunger for more action. I found Bowen very healing and harmonious. From the beginning I felt at ease with you and knew I was in the right hands. Thank you for seeing me in an emergency when I pulled my back; I felt so good afterwards. I can't wait for our next session. Again thank you very much for your work, attention and caring.

Andrea Joba

Life Coach, Twickenham

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