When it comes to health care, I passionately believe in freedom of choice and see integrated healthcare as the way forward to a healthier and happier population.

I first became interested in natural health while living in Malaysia after my first daughter underwent successful homeopathic treatment for eczema as a toddler. Having several family members who suffered from eczema, and having seen the disappointing results from other treatment, I was so astonished and grateful about her response to homeopathic remedies that I wanted to help others the way we had been helped.  I now know how helpful homeopathic treatment can be for all aspects of a person's wellbeing.

I studied at the University of Westminster and the London College of Classical Homeopathy, graduating in 2000 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Health Sciences and Homeopathy.



In 2007 I began studying the Bowen Technique.  I was intrigued by what I had heard about the effectiveness of this therapy for so many different ailments.  I wanted to add to my toolbox in helping people suffering from physical pain. Having witnessed the positive response of friends and family who volunteered to be guinea pigs for me to practise on, I pressed on with the course and qualified as a Bowen Therapist in summer 2009.  I would urge everyone to have Bowen; it truly is amazing!

I am also a qualified midwife.  I trained at the University of West London and West Middlesex University Hospital where I subsequently worked after qualifying in August 2015.  Although I am no longer working as a midwife, I am happy to support women through their pregnancies to enable them in making an informed choice when making decisions about their care.


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